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always between creativity and stupidity

Purifelia Dansité A. the Tpyo Queen

"I'm a free DERP baby!"

(okok), *awkward turtle*, /patpat, abby = austria, abby/france = otp, amirite, anna's awesomeness, assassinating is my day-job, awesome daughter, bad as in lulzy, bad-guy-at-uncomfortably-close-distance, baked potatoes, becoming one with russia, being technologically stupid, blowjob daughter, blue-haired kitty /w anger-issues, bricking, bricks always top, buono tomatoes, cat ears, cooking delicious sustenance, crazy girls killing everyone, delicious long and juicy, double blowjobs, driving like a maniac, east, eiffel towering, exploding faces, falling over, for the lulzs, germany's wurst, getting unsured, girly boys, grimmjow's hair, happy russia, hetalia-will-slowly-consume-your-life, heyheyheyheyhey, hichigo is cray cray, iceland's suave puffin, japan's cat, kaito's scarf, listening to vocaloid all-day, little monsters, magnetic stuff, making up random interests, manly men, movies are my life, my amazing shota maid, oh man oh god, ponies, potatocest, potatoes, psych outs, puhfecto, radical nordicals, radioactive boars, scary as a feather, sex with clothes on, sexy thigh muscles, stephenie/vic = otp, stupid-sexy-german-man-voice-till, sweaty dreams, trollin kubo be trollin, typos. typos everywhere, wurst, wurst in my sauerkraut, wurst. wurst everywhere, wurst.gif, your pretty little face